About ThereHappy

It's often a challenge to juggle providing care while also maintaining a steady caseload. We're striving to change all of that.

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ThereHappy began with a simple goal: to help clinicians get new clients as easily and quickly as possible.

Today, most clinicians are saddled with onerous tasks far beyond just providing care for the clients, such as SEO, online marketing, and learning how to tweak one's profile to please Google's or directory listing site's algorithm.

Of those clinicians who do receive inbound inquiries, many find themselves staying late at work to return voicemails & emails from prospective clients who may not be a good match for the practice.

We're striving to change all of that.

ThereHappy is founded on the vision that clinicians should be freed from such overhead tasks as much as possible, so that they can focus on what they do best—providing care for the client.

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We know that there are many tech / software companies out there that cater to mental health professionals. While some companies genuinely add value, we're appalled by some business models and tactics that we consider therapist-unfriendly.

From skimming a large chunk of a clinician's pay to lengthy contractual lock-in for services with uncertain results, we want you to know that we're not that kind of company—we promise to do right thing by you.

The following are our guiding principles—our north star that we'll always orient towards.

  1. Clinicians come first—even before profits.
    Every service we offer and product we build is viewed from the lens of "How does this help a therapist, exactly?"

    Our raison d'etre is to help the people who are providing the help to others. Just as Craigslist creates more value for society than it captures back in profits for itself, we seek to do the same for clinicians.
  2. We empower the small(er) businesses.
    We know that very large practices, or practices within large healthcare systems have the infrastructure, support staff, and deep pockets that smaller private practices do not.

    Our customer focus is on empowering the smaller upstarts, in whatever capacity we can. No practice is too small. 1-person practice? We gotchu!
  3. User-friendly, nay, clinician-friendly tech that just works.
    Not only should tech should not be hard to use, it should most definitely not come with a steep learning curve (like SEO).

    If it doesn't directly help improve a clinician's therapeutic relationship with their client, it should be designed to be as minimally invasive as possible to a clinician's daily routine.
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